Don’t be Scared of a Government Shutdown!

A Constitutional and popular view to STOP OBAMA!

I generally like Brit Hume. But over the weekend, I believe he got it wrong in opposing Obama regarding his promise to use an Executive Order to implement amnesty.

Here’s what Hume said:

“It’s a total blunder to try that, because if the President were to veto the bill, a bill that would keep the government going, and there was a shutdown, it wouldn’t matter. It never has, what the proximate cause of the shutdown was.

“It’s an iron rule in Washington exemplified many times, if the government is shuts down, the Republicans get the blame. Not some of the blame, not most of the blame, all of the blame.

“And one would surmise that they may have learned that by now, the leaders seem to have, but there are some within the House and Senate who still think that kind of brinksmanship might work. I doubt it.”

We were told the same thing when the government was shut down last year. True to form, the Republicans got blamed.

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Other Important things you need to know

Friday –  November 7, 2014:

WV State BOE President Gayle Manchin has been advocating for consolidated county BOE’s for quite some time.  Despite her attempts, an independent committee appointed by the BOE recommended AGAINST eliminating county school boards.  Kudo’s to them!

Now Ms. Manchin and the State BOE wants to consolidate “services” within county BOE’s.  Here is the story:  http://wvmetronews.com/2014/11/12/state-boe-wants-to-hear-from-residents-on-future-of-55-school-districts/#comment-1413206

Would it not be better to allow and encourage legislators to pass ”permissive” legislation allowing county BOE’s to work together, across county lines, for efficiency in finance, food services, transportation or other services SHOULD TWO OR MORE County BOE’s desire to do that?  
The State BOE is soliciting comment on this issue for the next 30 days.  Please don’t wait to offer your comments or suggestions.  In addition, this comment period will also allow those of us, against the implementation of Common Core, the opportunity to request such implementation be at least postponed, at best abandoned!